Jack and George

A commission for Ilona Andrews featuring Jack and George, two characters from The Edge series. I'm actually surprised I finished this one in a timely manner as I was working on another project at the time. Multi-tasking is not my strong suit :p

I made a decently clean sketch before starting the painting process, which I usually skip nowadays. My initial sketches usually stay in fairly rough form before I start painting. Since I was working on another project at the time I guess I wanted to make sure I got everything right before I started painting. The thing with a clean sketch and adding all kinds of details is that I tend to commit to the sketch, and in my mind it leaves little room to improvise. It's just the way my mind works.

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Also, Ilona was in contact with a fencing expert and they noticed a big no-no; the way I sketched George holding the rapier is not a thing in the fencing world, so it was a last-minute adjustment to the final painting. Jack's face also underwent a slight change but overall, I stayed true to the original sketch.

Hope you like it!

- Find out more about The Edge series here
- Ilona Andrews: Website | Twitter
- Jack and George print at RedBubble

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  1. They look just how I imagine Jack and George.

  2. Perfect! I absolutely live all the art you have done for the Innkeeper Series. They have all enhanced my enjoyment. (Especially that first one of Arland!)


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