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Melting in the sun ... even indoors

So ... I'm not happy with the long rant I have for a tutorial, so I've been experimenting with a different way of presenting one that is easier to follow. Much easier. But first the Disanthus site needs to be redone. Yes. Again. The current version (no.9) is a bit of a pain (for me), so it needs to go. The v.10 layout is pretty much done, but we're still contemplating on codes. It used to be easy and fun for me; slicing up the images, opening notepad and writing the codes, sending it to Annette for approval and improvements. But now it just takes time away from what I really want to concentrate on, which is painting. See, I like to keep the layout fresh, because I often get bored with it after a while, which means a new site design and doing the process all over again. I know it's a pain, but I'm like a kid that wants to get it done now. In the meantime, Italy has been booted out of the World Cup (after France's demise), so it's not all bad >:)

Of 'net woes & zombies

I've been having major 'net connection problems lately, so I haven't been online as much as I used to, so updates have been incredibly sporadic. Although I do have stuff I can upload on the site , it will have to wait until the new design is ready. Also, my order for Resident Evil 5 has finally arrived. Good grief! This thing was sold out everywhere! I will definitely work some more on the site design this weekend, but I must prioritize: RE5 comes first. Oh yes, Steroid Chris and Shevalicious will be mine to play with all day ^___^