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Christmas painting & wallpaper

I badly wanted a good Christmas wallpaper for my desktop, but I couldn't find one that I liked. Plus, I have a full-screen, and that made my choices even more limited. So I decided to paint a speedy one in Photoshop for my wallpaper, and it turned out nicer than I thought ... if I do say so myself, of course. Also, I've never done a Christmas-related painting, not even a doodle. It's Holiday-themed, but nothing blatant :p About the wallpapers: plug them all you like, but please do not redistribute them elsewhere. Thanks :) Wallpaper preview : Happy Christmas! ♣ Doris

It's been dead for a while ...

... but now Disanthus.Com has been resurrected. There are new paintings in the gallery, of course, including a few that have been posted here, then disappeared, but now they've finally made it to their new home ^_^ The ninth version of Disanthus is relatively simple, and we've truly trimmed down on all the excess stuff we've had with the previous designs, and this includes all the codes we didn't really need. In fact, I think this is actually the first time that we are managing with a single CSS file O_O Amazing. I would like to create some kind of mini site for all our old stuff eventually. But that's for another time. It's December, you know.