Kate Daniels Series: Derek

It's done! It's finally done! I have finally managed to finish this Derek painting. It's been years in the making. I'm not even kidding: the first sketch was done around 2013.

The original idea was supposed to be the character we meet for the first time in the Kate Daniels book. When I decided to actually start painting him late last year, I felt it was more appropriate to paint the older version of the character. I decided to keep the sword from the original sketch: it's from Kate's weapons stash. I felt it was a nice homage to the younger Derek since he took the time and ended up choosing the sword for himself.

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The novella cover I painted only showed part of his scarred face, and since there are quite the coterie of Derek fans out there, I confess I was a little intimidated at the prospect of painting his face in full view (please be kind to me, Derek fans).

The initial concept was to have a dark background dominated by a large moon, but this cast mostly shadows on his face and the whole canvas ended up being too dark for my liking. The final version ended up being more lush and vibrant than the version from even two days ago! It's been constantly worked and re-worked these past couple of days.

I hope you like it 😅

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  1. I cant even. This is just amazing.

    1. I have a new wallpaper. Replacing the Kate Daniels one. I wish you guys got into Patricia Briggs stories, in particular Alpha and Omega and Mercy Thompson. I am dying to see Bran.

  2. Well well hellu there boy wonder (●♡∀♡)

  3. Is how I imagined the "after the molten silver" Dereck


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