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Wow! That fish is smelly!

I wanted to blog about this because it's something that really gets my goat. So, there's this author who has published her fourth book, an author I've been very loyal to. I have three of her books (one paperback, two hardcovers), with the fourth on its way. Apart from these, I also have three digital editions of the same books, which I bought because it takes about a week for my orders to arrive from Amazon and I simply could not wait. Now, her first two books were great reads, especially the first. But then comes the third book and something about it seemed off . After reading the book several times, I had to be honest with myself and admit that the quality of writing wasn't the same as the previous ones. Then came the fourth book and this one was even worse than the third: I can never enjoy a book with an unlikeable main character. And I rarely, if ever, review books, even ones that I like! Mostly because I'm shy that way and I'm not very good with words. But