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Kate Daniels: Process

So ... I totally forgot to make this post for my Kate Six painting. I only remembered to do this when I burned the entire folder on DVD (2,4 GB by the by) and came across my WiP images. Kate Daniels is probably one of my favourite book characters ever and I have actually painted her before but then my external hard drive crashed and I lost pretty much everything I hadn't backed-up in a long time. And then I wallowed in self-pity and I didn't do any painting whatsoever for over six months ... probably longer than that. But I always got back to Kate as a subject. I've re-read the books about two or three times now, mostly in preparation for the upcoming sixth book. It was just the right time to start with a new Kate painting. THE SKETCH & CHOOSING COLOURS So this process is something I rarely do anymore: I actually *gasp* sketched it. Ohnoes! I generally dislike sketching because it makes the process so much longer than usual - I'm a slowpoke, if you d

Wish - Jack fan art

Last year, I made a Jack fan art entitled ‘Wish’.   This post is about the drawing of the artwork :) For those who don't know... I'm a HUGE fan of Jack !  I think she's a very interesting character and definitely my favourite from the Mass Effect games.   Jack was, of course, voiced by the talented and equally awesome Courtenay Taylor , who I'm also a big fan of.   When I’d heard over Twitter that Ms.Taylor's birthday was coming up, I thought it'd be fun to do a little fan gift. Initially, I had a few different ideas for the artwork.   After chatting with my bestie, Jayde, I decided to do a portrait of Jack holding a birthday cupcake.   I like Jack's new look in  Mass Effect 3 but wanted her in casual clothes, like she's just chilling out, hence the t-shirt (with Hex on it, but more about that later). Sketching it out Like all things, I started with a rough sketch.   I like to draw the eyes first because I feel that if they're not

World Of Warcraft - Painting

This has been sitting on my computer for a while. Though the painting was posted in the gallery I never got around to uploading the WiP images. This was the first time I've painted a World Of Warcraft fan art, so it was interesting. Click to view larger image I had the greyscale thumbnail down reasonably fast, which is always good as I detest greyscale thumbnails ... This method doesn't always work out for me because I usually find it tough to add colours for the painting. Click to view larger image To get the actual colours I wanted was a bit of a painful process; I don't really like tweaking or filtering my colour layers over the greyscale because that just messes with my head. My personal preference is working in full colour. Click to view larger image But occasionally the greyscale process works out in the end; it's the 'getting there' that doesn't always make me a happy panda. I also didn't post the full-s