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Winter fun

Bicycles -  Our main mode of transportation! But with the enormous amount of snow they were abandoned en masse . By the by, the last picture of the lone bicycle with the saddle bag is one of my favourites. Lovely Street I - A nice view of a quaint little street with a lovely facade. This area used to be a factory community long ago, so the houses were originally built for the workers. When the houses were rebuild again from the ground up , they kept the architectural style of the original homes. Lovely Street II : More images of this lovely little street. As you can see from the first image with the two ladies - these homes are tiny! More 'cottage' and less 'house'.  Can't linger, so we're moving on. At Streets' End : Having Fun In The Snow : A boy running around in circles, mesmerized by the snow and sometimes just a blur in the distance. You might be won

New Painting: Romance

I've finished a new painting titled Romance . This one took quite a while before I managed to finish it a few days ago. Click here to see the full painting in my deviantArt gallery. I started this about three or four years ago, but it was on the shelf for a long, long time. I wasn't really confident about my painting techniques in Photoshop, which was my biggest obstacle. Of course, I knew how I wanted it to look yet I hadn't a clue about how to achieve it. As I learned new things about painting in PS, I started experimenting with some ideas about achieving a certain look and feel of a painting: Tomorrow Today was the first step in the right direction. Later I started painting Olivia , which had the same overall theme, and I feel that Olivia is a more finished version of Tomorrow Today. Below the cut are the three paintings together (at last).

Winter Road

A new painting that was done in a day or so. I was actually finishing a painting I've been working on for a really long time (but more on that later), and I was listening to a track of the Snow Storm concerto by Sviridov called Winter Road so I got sidetracked because I love the track so much and I had to do this painting. It's more of a doodle than anything else, due to the fact that I wanted to finish it quickly rather than linger over every little detail, which I tend to do a lot ... unfortunately. Something that's interesting to note is that the main theme of the Metal Gear series sound a lot like Sviridov's Winter Road; coincidentally, MGS 3 is one of my favourite games ever :) The original "Snow Storm", or "The Blizzard", is one of five short stories from The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin by Aleksandr Pushkin. Snow Storm is the story of an elopement that ends tragically during a winter storm in Russia ... with