Ilemina: Innkeeper novella

Another interior art from the Innkeeper/Maud novella: this time it's Ilemina who wears a very familiar-looking armor 🧐 Hmm, I wonder why.

This was an armor design that I had a lot of fun with. Since she's a pretty big deal I had to design an armor set that looked very distinct. Also, because they're a vampire race I initially wanted the painting to look reminiscent of an old film, with a washed-out palette, heavy on the sepia-tone.
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In the finished painting, the colors look more bright and distinct than what I had in mind, so the previous palette didn't have enough of a 'pop' in the end ... though there's still something about the sepia tones that I really like, still.
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- Find out more about the Innkeeper series here
- Ilona Andrews: Website | Twitter
- Ilemina print at RedBubble

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