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AC3: Podcast ft. Noah Watts!

To the crickets out there: Youtuber loomer979 will be hosting a podcast with Connor Kenway's voice actor Noah Watts , which makes me one happy panda. The best thing about this upcoming podcast is that the AC community can participate by submitting questions . Please note that if you do submit a question, you are limited to two questions per person. If you can't think of a question or you're just a lurker bee - you can always vote for questions that have already been submitted! Read the guidelines on the page, please :) The deadline is December 2nd. Please spread the word and support this upcoming podcast for our latest AC hero and let's make this a great event with Noah Watts :D Submit questions and/or vote here. - Follow me on Twitter - My deviantArt page

New artwork!

Updated my deviantArt gallery with a new painting that was finished about a week ago. Since I was starting on a new Connor Kenway (AC3) painting I wanted to wait before uploading it, thinking I might add/change some things but I liked it the way it was :)The painting is titled Metallic Fancy because initially her top was supposed to be metallic-looking - though it still is, I suppose. But when I added all the jewel-tones, the metallic effect was a little lost among all those lovely colours :p My second Connor painting is on its way. I'm determined to finish it before the AC3 European release date on October 31st *fingers crossed* NOTE : Please do not re-post this image without linking back to this post or my Twitter account. Thanks :)

Preview art: portrait

This is a preview of my latest painting which is almost finished *partyrock* I'm also working on a Connor Kenway painting that I hope to finish before the game comes out later this month :) NOTE : Please do not re-post this image without linking back to this post or my Twitter account. Thanks :)

Connor is a wallpaper ...

So I finally came around to creating a wallpaper of my Connor fan art. You can download this cute puppy at my Deviant Art gallery. NOTE : Wallpaper is only available in 1600 x 1200 . Follow me on Twitter or visit my gallery at DeviantArt

Assassin's Creed 3 fan art

Stabby McConnor It's been a while since I actually sketched anything, and after viewing the Assassin's Creed 3 trailers and footage, I had no choice in the matter. I haven't been this excited about a game since AC2! Most of the time I do a very rough sketch in Photoshop before I start painting because I do tend to change things a lot during the painting process. Click to view larger image This time, though, I decided to go for the full sketch with all the bells and whistles. Sort of. The things I left out in the sketch were stuff I couldn't be arsed with because it would be so much easier just painting it in ... what? Don't judge me! I collected a whole bunch reference images of AC3 since I wanted to depict Connors' clothes as accurately as possible. I noticed tiny details that were changed from one image to the next: in the trailer, the buttons on his shirt has a red center; in other images they're just silver. His necklace only has