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I have just updated Disanthus with new art, but it has resulted in my wanting to do a serious HULK SMASH!! *fumes* As I was saying to Annette this weekend, the gallery codes really need to be redone. Hopefully this will happen in the near future, and I believe Annette has a few ideas. Oh, yes, Annette does exist. She is not a figment of my imagination. It's just that I'm the Drama Queen in the Disanthus realm. Anyway, the portrait is another character from Deanna Raybourn 's Silent series. So for those who haven't read the book, Valerius March is the youngest brother of the main character who appears in the first book ( Silent in the Grave ) and the third ( Silent on the Moor ). Hope you guys like it :)

O, Engrish ... how I have missed you

Years ago, this sit e was one of my favourite places to visit. I found them on Twitter recently and I'm so happy that I did. So whenever I need a good laugh, this will be the place to go for some hilarity. Go and check out Engrish . Com Here are a few examples: Nokia ... Asian style Need to escape the office? Here's a way The things you can buy these days ... This lunch just might be your last meal And many more LOL's to be found at Engrish.

I'm on Twitter ... Yay?

I have recently made a Twitter account, so I'm a total n00b. It's typing micro-messages and sending them into the void. I feel like I'm trying to establish contact with the paranormal. Weird, but fun. Also, Bengals were quite soundly beaten by the Jets, which makes me want to smash my head against the wall.