Frequently Asked Questions

P R E - M A D E   C O V E R S

Q: If I buy a cover, will the same cover be re-sold?
A: No, the cover I post are one-of-a-kind, so if you buy a cover it will NEVER be sold again.

Q: If I want to buy a cover, how do I go about it?
A: Once you decide on a cover, you can use the contact form. I will need the following information:

The title of the book
The author name
The tag lines
The format of your book

If you want the cover as-is (meaning no additional spine or back cover), I will send you an invoice. Once I receive the payment I'll start working on the information you give me and make the necessary changes on the cover. Once this is done, you will receive a high-resolution JPEG image at 300dpi. This will likely take 48 hours at the least ... depending on the changes I need to make.

Q: I like the cover, but can I request some changes?
A: Yes, some changes can be made free of charge, but they must be within reason. If you request more than a fair share of changes/editing for the cover you want, I will charge an additional fee. Once we agree on the changes that need to be made - including the final price of the cover - I will send you the invoice.

Q: I want to buy a cover now, but can I still request a spine and/or back cover at a later date? 
A: Yes. The spine and the back cover are additional fees (meaning I will always charge a fee for them) so you can always request them at a later date. It's all up to you.

Q: If I request some changes for a cover, what do you consider "within reason" (meaning no additional fees for the changes)?
A: A different font; a different font color; size of text, text placement, etc. Small changes :) Too many changes to an existing pre-made cover defeats the purpose of "pre-made". If you're unsure, just use the contact form to ask me something and I'll try and give you answer as soon as I can, so you can make a final decision.

Q: I bought one of your covers, but now I want to change the original title. Can you still change the title for me?
A: Yes. No additional fees will be charged for a title change.

Q: Can I buy a pre-made cover image (without any text) since I want to add them myself, or have someone else do it for me?
A: No, since I don't know what you're going to do with it so I will not sell a pre-made cover image as a raw file.

C U S T O M   C O V E R S

Q: How can I order a custom cover?
A: You can use the contact form to order a custom cover. It would be best for you to give me a detailed outline (if you can). The more information you can give me, the better (and faster) it will be for me to create your cover. Once we've hashed out the details, I will send you an invoice. After the payment is received I will start working on the cover.

The process of a custom cover is a little more involved than a pre-made cover. I will update you frequently and changes can be made during this process. But please keep in mind that I will work on the ideas you give me from the start (before finalizing our agreement) so sudden changes (that deviate from the original outline) can be prevented. For example: you didn't like the original idea you had so now I would have to start over from scratch ... Of course changes happen during a creative process, but let's keep it fair :)

Q: What happens once I have the final version of a custom cover, but I still want to make some changes down the road?
A: I will make some changes for you, free of charge, but I can't keep changing the work indefinitely. So if you order a custom cover, please make sure you have a good idea of the cover you want me to make. During the process of creating a cover I will frequently ask for your input, so the end result will largely be what you wanted during this process. If you've changed your mind about certain aspects of the cover after you've received the final version of it - you can still request changes to be made within 14 days.

Q: If I order a painted/illustrated custom cover, can I receive the raw file without the text?
A: Yes. The original painting is yours.


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