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World Of Warcraft - Painting

This has been sitting on my computer for a while. Though the painting was posted in the gallery I never got around to uploading the WiP images. This was the first time I've painted a World Of Warcraft fan art, so it was interesting. Click to view larger image I had the greyscale thumbnail down reasonably fast, which is always good as I detest greyscale thumbnails ... This method doesn't always work out for me because I usually find it tough to add colours for the painting. Click to view larger image To get the actual colours I wanted was a bit of a painful process; I don't really like tweaking or filtering my colour layers over the greyscale because that just messes with my head. My personal preference is working in full colour. Click to view larger image But occasionally the greyscale process works out in the end; it's the 'getting there' that doesn't always make me a happy panda. I also didn't post the full-s