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Wish - Jack fan art

Last year, I made a Jack fan art entitled ‘Wish’.   This post is about the drawing of the artwork :) For those who don't know... I'm a HUGE fan of Jack !  I think she's a very interesting character and definitely my favourite from the Mass Effect games.   Jack was, of course, voiced by the talented and equally awesome Courtenay Taylor , who I'm also a big fan of.   When I’d heard over Twitter that Ms.Taylor's birthday was coming up, I thought it'd be fun to do a little fan gift. Initially, I had a few different ideas for the artwork.   After chatting with my bestie, Jayde, I decided to do a portrait of Jack holding a birthday cupcake.   I like Jack's new look in  Mass Effect 3 but wanted her in casual clothes, like she's just chilling out, hence the t-shirt (with Hex on it, but more about that later). Sketching it out Like all things, I started with a rough sketch.   I like to draw the eyes first because I feel that if they're not