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Zaeed Massani

So here is another of my Mass Effect fan art - a head portrait of Zaeed Massani :)  Like the other pieces, I drew this with pencils and later coloured it in Photoshop.  Some 'work in progress' photos below:  click to view larger image There's not a whole lot to say about this one.  It did take me ages to find time to actually colour it though (I drew this last summer!).  I  really wanted to include Zaeed's armour.  In the end though, I decided to leave it out completely and just focus on his face.  I also didn't want to obscure his Blue Suns tattoo, which is an important part of his story. click to view larger image The drawing itself was intended as a lighting study.  Originally I wanted this portrait to be much darker, with just a beam of light from above illuminating the side of his face and scar.  But with heavier shadows, a lot of the facial features and form were lost. So I scrapped that idea and lightened everything again. And that's th


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Back in 2012, I made a deviantART account but never actually got around to using it.  Well, I've finally posted some stuff:  a certain moogle, and two Jack (Mass Effect) fan art! click to view larger image click to view larger image I've had fun interacting with other artists and fellow Mass Effect fans on dA this past week.  Soon I'll be posting a Disanthus collaboration and a few more Mass Effect pieces as well (not Jack *gasp*).  If you're on deviantART, please drop by and say hi! :) Link: Posted by Annette | Follow me on Twitter

AC IV: Black Flag - Edward Kenway

Huzzah for "Better Late Than Never" posts! I've had this one sitting on my computer for a while ... just wanted to wait after the new layout and the Innkeeper stuff were done before posting Edward. I'm absolutely in love with Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag . The naval gameplay is amazeballs.Truth! The first blond assassin in the series which threw me off a bit when I saw the first images. But now Edward has become my favourite character. Click to view larger image This painting underwent a few big changes. I initially painted him in his assassin's gear, but I actually like him much better as a pirate. I also liked the tattoo's from the trailer a lot more than the tattoo Edward has in-game (seems there are quite a few characters with the same tattoo, so I didn't think it was original enough). Plus, the tattoo in this painting includes the Jackdaw, so there. Click to view larger image Loads of details crammed into this painting, which to

Innkeeper - Clean Sweep: Arland & Dina

More Clean Sweep art post that I should have done days ago! This time it's Arland . There's also a wallpaper available :) I've also uploaded Dina to my gallery - this is the cover art for Clean Sweep :) The links below will go to my Deviant Art page. - View the finished ARLAND painting - Download the Arland WALLPAPER pack - View the finished DINA painting Posted by Doris | Follow me on Twitter

Innkeeper - Clean Sweep: Caldenia

I've added a new painting to my dA gallery, the second in the Clean Sweep series. This one was was painted in a fairly short amount of time, so I didn't save that many progress images, something I usually do a lot because I'm paranoid that Photoshop is going to crash on me. Click to view larger image Click here to view the finished painting :) Anyway, I have also posted wallpapers of Sean and Caldenia: the zip folder can be downloaded from the links below (which will take you to my dA page). The wallpaper pack also includes wallpapers for iOS devices: Wallpapers: S E A N   |  C A L D E N I A Posted by Doris | Follow me on Twitter

Innkeeper - Clean Sweep: Sean Evans

First off, you might have noticed that we have a brand new layout for the site. Huzzah. Annette and I have been fiddling with it for the past week. Not everything is in place yet but they're relatively minor things that still need to be done. We'll keep working on the site, but nothing should fall apart anytime soon ^^; We also haven't had a dark-coloured layout in a pretty long while so it's a nice change. What do you think? The Important Bit: New Painting This new post has been in the works for ages, but we really needed to change the site first because ... reasons. I was commissioned by writing team Ilona Andrews this past summer to do some interior art for the first novel of the Innkeeper Chronicles. The story was initially available as a free serial on their website and I was always looking forward to the updates while awaiting the next installment in their Kate Daniels series. There are a total of five Clean Sweep paintings (incl. the cover) and the fir