Brisbane is a wallpaper. No, really.

**November, 2009______Edit: Wallpapers are no longer available**

Before I move on to other stuff, I'd like to post these wallpapers I made, featuring the lovely Brisbane.


Below is the original version. A bit boring, but I like my wallpapers with a 'clean' look :)


Note: The wallpapers we post on this blog will be uploaded to Disanthus, but only for a limited time (because we don't like leechers). These wallpapers belong to and they are for personal use only. Thank ye.

P.s. You might want to listen to Antonín Dvořák's Měsíčku Na Nebi Hlubokém (no, don't even attempt to pronounce it) while you're at it ^^

♣ Doris


  1. Woohoo! These are looking great, ne! ^^

  2. Edit: awful spelling mistake >_<;

    Anna, you're welcome!

  3. Wow! At first glance, I thought it was Mr. Thornton from North and South, played by Richard Armitage!



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