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First off, you might have noticed that we have a brand new layout for the site. Huzzah. Annette and I have been fiddling with it for the past week. Not everything is in place yet but they're relatively minor things that still need to be done. We'll keep working on the site, but nothing should fall apart anytime soon ^^;

We also haven't had a dark-coloured layout in a pretty long while so it's a nice change. What do you think?

The Important Bit: New Painting
This new post has been in the works for ages, but we really needed to change the site first because ... reasons. I was commissioned by writing team Ilona Andrews this past summer to do some interior art for the first novel of the Innkeeper Chronicles. The story was initially available as a free serial on their website and I was always looking forward to the updates while awaiting the next installment in their Kate Daniels series.

There are a total of five Clean Sweep paintings (incl. the cover) and the first one I'm posting is of Sean Evans.

Click to view larger image
Sean was definitely a work in progress: a lot of back-and-forth with the author on this one. He's basically the guy next door and as the story takes place in Texas, I was thinking of a laid-back look and warm colours. The image on the left was Sean in the early stages. The background colours were just 'testing' stages, to see which one worked best. Frankly, I never really 'plan' for backgrounds. It happens when it happens, eh :p

Click to view larger image
The author wanted a bigger Sean, so I took out the background and worked on beefing him up. 'Twas a dirty job, but I had to do it ^_^ The shirt also flew out the window because the author mentioned that the shirt was too warm for Texas :) The image on the left is pretty much the final result minus the background.

Click here to see the full painting of Sean on dA.

Let me know what you think and if you've read the book :)

- Ilona Andrews website
- Official Clean Sweep website

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