Innkeeper - Clean Sweep: Caldenia

I've added a new painting to my dA gallery, the second in the Clean Sweep series. This one was was painted in a fairly short amount of time, so I didn't save that many progress images, something I usually do a lot because I'm paranoid that Photoshop is going to crash on me.

Click to view larger image
Click here to view the finished painting :)

Anyway, I have also posted wallpapers of Sean and Caldenia: the zip folder can be downloaded from the links below (which will take you to my dA page). The wallpaper pack also includes wallpapers for iOS devices:

Wallpapers: S E A N  |  C A L D E N I A

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  1. I think the progression on the right hand side fits more with her character, maybe less red lip stick, but her eyes are described as icy blue if I'm not mistaken. It's the only think that made me confused when I saw the final work in the book.


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