AC IV: Black Flag - Edward Kenway

Huzzah for "Better Late Than Never" posts! I've had this one sitting on my computer for a while ... just wanted to wait after the new layout and the Innkeeper stuff were done before posting Edward. I'm absolutely in love with Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag. The naval gameplay is amazeballs.Truth! The first blond assassin in the series which threw me off a bit when I saw the first images. But now Edward has become my favourite character.

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This painting underwent a few big changes. I initially painted him in his assassin's gear, but I actually like him much better as a pirate. I also liked the tattoo's from the trailer a lot more than the tattoo Edward has in-game (seems there are quite a few characters with the same tattoo, so I didn't think it was original enough). Plus, the tattoo in this painting includes the Jackdaw, so there.

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Loads of details crammed into this painting, which took ages to get done and zoomed in at 200% while painting to get it right, even though the original size of the painting is pretty frikkin' huge.

Anyway, the finished version of the painting is posted here.

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