Winter fun

Bicycles -  Our main mode of transportation! But with the enormous amount of snow they were abandoneden masse. By the by, the last picture of the lone bicycle with the saddle bag is one of my favourites.

Lovely Street I - A nice view of a quaint little street with a lovely facade. This area used to be a factory community long ago, so the houses were originally built for the workers. When the houses were rebuild again from the ground up , they kept the architectural style of the original homes.

Lovely Street II: More images of this lovely little street. As you can see from the first image with the two ladies - these homes are tiny! More 'cottage' and less 'house'.

 Can't linger, so we're moving on.

At Streets' End:

Having Fun In The Snow: A boy running around in circles, mesmerized by the snow and sometimes just a blur in the distance. You might be wondering why I'm stalking this kid: he's my nephew. As you can see, he didn't mind the constant stops for some more (crappy) picture-taking!

Snow-Covered Trees: A picturesque scene of trees covered in snow. The scene was a lot lovelier than I was able to capture with the camera, though!

Time To Go Inside: My nephew started complaining about being tired, so we were heading back. Good thing, too, because the weather was starting to turn for the worse. One boy was brave enough to attempt making a snowman in the worsening weather. Haven't seen him since, though ... I wonder ...

So, what does it look like in your neck of the woods?


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