Painting process: Julia

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And here is the full painting process of Julia, a character from Deanna Raybourn's wonderful Julia Grey series.

I doodled with several Julia's because I wanted to paint a companion piece to Brisbane, but that didn't really work for me in the end. Although this Julia ended up looking younger than I wanted, it still felt right to me.

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Speaking of Julia: the latest book in the series, Dark Road To Darjeeling, was out earlier this month. I thought I had pre-ordered it, so when I checked my Amazon account to see when it would ship it turns out that I didn't pre-order it. So I had to wait longer than I thought, also due to Amazon being slower than usual this time around.

I was so happy when it arrived, and found the cover so pretty that I wanted took some pictures of it. I also remembered that my aunt gave me this beautiful Indian sari years and years ago, so I thought, why not?

Also, I'm in absolute Brisbane heaven as we speak *floats*

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