Heathcliff, I am come home ♥

Well, a new home, at least ^o^ We (as in, Annette and I) were completely disenchanted by LJ forcing fugly ads in our journal ... unless we paid, of course. So, it was time to find ourselves a new blogging home (because we're cheapo's at heart), and what better place than the original blogging platform right here.

It's been very quiet at Disanthus.Com as of late, and we're leaving the site as it is for now, but we hope to update regularly on this blog. There are a few paintings I have finished since the last update on Disanthus, and below is one of them.

(Image deleted)

The painting is one of the main characters in Deanna Raybourn's Silent On The Moor book (the final one in the Silent trilogy); I'll not wax lyrical about Nicholas Brisbane because there simply aren't enough words to do him justice. So I've painted him instead. This was originally a speed painting I did based on Richard Armitage in North & South (The BBC mini-series), but Brisbane kept nudging poor Richard aside until he completely took over the canvas. He is a force of nature, my lovely Brisbane is.

It's also been posted at Deanna Raybourn's blog, and there have been some lovely comments there :)

More to come soon!

♣ Doris


  1. Gosh he looks just like what I imagined him to be! Lovely :)


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